Radial arm grinding and polishing machines

Radial arm polishing machines

GLA-F Radial Arm Grinding and Polishing Machine. Universal machine for memorial stones / vanity or kitchen tops

The GLA-F radial arm grinding and polishing machine is a versatile machine – based on a robust machine design suitable for the production of memorial stones from pre-shaped sawn slabs, and extended for the production of exclusive interior decorat, on items like vanity or kitchen tops. The GLA-F can be used for all sawing, milling, grinding, polishing and drilling jobs on surfaces or edges. This versatile machine saves both space and money. Easy machine handling, high performance and a proven record of realiability are the convincing features of our GLA-F. The GLA-F comes with a universal tool-changing system with bayonet attachment to allow for easy adaption to any commercially available tooling system.

Technical data

Column: Cast iron, D=210 mm, mounted on base Swivel range approx. 360°
Radial arms: Rigid steel profile construction
Working range 2 x 1,100 mm
Optional: 2 x 1,300 mm
Height adjustment 750 mm
Working spindle: Hardened and ground spline shaft with central water supply, Pneumatic strike 125 mm
Working table: 1,500 mm – 2,500 mm x 1,000 mm
tationary or tilting
Optional: pneumatic lifting plate
Power supply: 400V/50Hz, 10kVA
Air supply: R1/2 “, 8 bars, 40l/min
Watersupply: R3/4“, 3 bars, 20l/min
Weight: 1,100 kg