Stone processing

Stone processing

Stone processing is constantly developing.
Fickert + Winterling drives this progress ahead and builds machines that are impressively reliable, robust und cost effective.

Block Saw Mammut TF 350

Bridge Cutting Saw PFE 80

Heavy bridge saw PFE 160

Heavy bridge saw PFE 200

Turning head saw PDK 600

Turning head saw PDK 800

Bridge Cutting Saw LBS 625

Grinding and Polishing Machine ASP 206

Grinding and Polishing Machine ASP1 60W

GLA-F Radial Grinding and Polishing Machine

Radial Arm Polisher GLA

Universal grinding head for granite Type S2h/1

Edge grinding machine KSA 722

DKSS – SP Contour Wire Saw

Turning table TMO/ TMA

Work table GLA / GLA-F

5-Axis-CNC Grinding machines

Turning and clamping device DSG-1

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