On this page we want to introduce trade fairs, informative from our house or the latest developments in the field of glass production and stone processing. If you are looking for detailed information on the various topics, then please contact us.


Mirror finish on narrow edges

Edge grinding machine Type KSA 722

In Oldendorf at the Bösch company, the old Fickert edge grinding machine was replaced by a modern KSA 722 edge grinding machine. Workpieces made of granite or soft stone can be effectively machined with 7 side supports, two upper and lower chamfers and a water groove carriage

Precision work in Alfeld

Edge grinding machine Type KSA 722

The KSA 722 automatic edging machine had to be delivered to Westphal company in three parts to be assembled in the narrow hall. Such custom-made products are our strength, we always find an individual solution for the spatial conditions of our customers. 

When the machine was handed over, Oberpfälzer Zoiglbier made sure that the company boss and the staff beamed.

Room is in the smallest hut

GLA-F Radial Grinding and Polishing Machine

With millimeter precision, the mount for the articulated arm grinding machine was fitted in the workshop of the Küchenmeister company.

A static challenge was the attachment of the wall bed, but we were able to find a solution to the problem.

Now the own ideas for the gravestone design can be realized.

A fresh splash of color in the workshop

CNC – GLA-F Radial Grinding and Polishing Machine

A contour wire saw in signal yellow now enriches the machinery of Strecker.

The CNC-controlled machine is used to saw out the contours of the gravestones and then grind and polish the side surfaces.

Now own designs or customer wishes can be realized promptly.

New GLA-F mounted to existing grinding table

GLA-F Radial Grinding and Polishing Machine

The Jakobi company has replaced its veteran Thibaut with a new radial arm grinding machine type GLA-F.

By using the existing grinding table, no foundation work was necessary.

The machine can now also be used to machine the sides of the tumbstone without any problems. The lifting cylinder integrated in the table enables the workpiece to be turned freely.

Happy faces on father and daughter

PFE type bridge saw

The Schneider company in Plauen has moved into its new production hall.

The heart of the new production is a CNC controlled bridge saw type PFE.

The powerful 17.5 KW motor drives saw blades up to a maximum of Ø 800 mm.

The sawing table is equipped with tilting forks, which allow convenient loading of the rough dimension plates with the forklift.

The articulated arm grinding machine, which is already available in the company, has also found its new place in the hall.

Now, according to own designs or customer specifications, all common natural stone works can be realized.

New two-table sawing line put into operation

Bridge saw type PFE-160 a1 CNC

Growth in the machine park of the company SSW in Pirna.

A heavy mobile bridge saw of the type PFE-160 a1 CNC was accurately mounted on the existing foundations.

Equipped with a 30 KW motor, the Saxon sandstone, with a maximum thickness of 550 mm, can be cut with saw blades of up to Ø 1,400 mm.

When using smaller saw blades up to Ø 1,000 mm, the saw head can be swiveled 90 °.

Since the machine has two tables and correspondingly separately secured working areas, while sawing is going on in one area, benching can be carried out in the other area.

This makes efficient work possible

Bridge Saw Typ LBS 625
Company Brill

After decades of loyal service, the old Fickert saw was replaced by an LBS 625. This machine is designed to fit the old foundation from the gauge. With the touch screen for operation and control components such as the cutting sequence and last cut in the opposite direction, the sawing work can be carried out in a time-saving manner

Radial arm polishing machines GLA-F

In Lower Austria, the Öhlinger company is pleased with its new GLA-F articulated arm grinding machine. With the extensive accessories, both individual gravestones and kitchen countertops can be made.

Bridge Saw with Turning Head Typ PDK

High-tech saw fitted into the hall with millimeter precision.

A modern PDK type rotary head saw has been installed in Algermissen. It was a challenging task to cope with the available space. But we succeeded in offering the customer an optimum solution on the tilting fork table, the dimension plates can be effectively banked. After being captured by the camera, the cuts are planned on the computer and the workpieces are precisely cut.

DKSS Contour Wire Saw with side grind unit

Finally the gap in the machine shop is closed.

The company Plagemann now has a contour wire saw with side grinding unit. Now curved contours can be sawn out according to customer requirements and in the next step the outer surface can be ground and polished. This makes you less dependent on imported goods and allows you to supply customers promptly.

Contour wire saw with CNC control

The Notodden company recently had a modern contour wire saw with CNC control. With the integrated grinding unit, the side surfaces of workpieces that have been sawn out of the raw section can be ground and polished.The workpiece remains on the tool slide until it is finished

LA-F radial arm grinding machine

The Westmans Stenhuggeri AB  company from Fjugestra, Sweden has got reinforcement in the machine park.With the GLA-F radial arm grinding machine, he has now closed a gap in order to make his gravestone production more effective. With the extensive accessories and many tools, many jobs can now be done faster and more effectively

Bridge Saw type PFE-CNC
Company Grad

New saw for the Nagelfluh company Grad
The machine hall is now completely filled.
In addition to the ASP 206c surface grinding machine, a powerful PFE-CNC type bridge saw with a motorized rotary table is now in use

PFE-200 Bridge Saw
Company Stichweh

With the new PFE-200 bridge saw,
Stichweh company now has a sturdy, massive power pack.
Saw blades with a maximum diameter of 2,200 mm can be used. The limestone from their own quarry is processed in tranches by full-cut.
The blocks can be up to 920 mm high

Bridge Saw LBS 625
Company Rüsenberg

Now the operating of the slabs has become very easy.
The tilting forks enable the operator to place the workpeaces very comfortable on the cutting table.
With a saw blade diamter up to 625 mm, a cutting depth of approx. 200 mm is posible