Second hand machines

Second hand machines

If you are searching for second-hand machines at favourable prices, we will find suitable offers for your company. Offers for various systems for stone and glass work industry – of course, of a certified quality and at good prices. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will inform you on used machines we have currently available.

  • professional and friendly advising
  • workshop-tested quality
  • top plans for financing
  • transporation at favourable prices
  • reliable service before and after the sale

Grinding machine

Montresor Lola 1.000 3 Motion      

Immediately available

Year of construction 2013
6.300 working hours
8 side carriages, 1,8 kW, oszillating
 3 upper chamfers, 3 lower chamfers
length 6.000 mm
for workpieces from 10-100 mm
conveyor belt speed 300.3.000 mm/min
water grove carriage upside 4,1 kW
 calibration unit man. ,  height adjustment 4,1 kW

 price 39.000.-€

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Schlatter Bridge Saw BS-800 CNC

Immediately available

Main motor 20 kW infinitely variable
Cutting depth 3.500 mm
Bridge adjustment ca.3.000 mm
Height adjustment 800 mm
Saw blades 400 – 1.000 mm
Depth of cut 400 mm
2 x Rotary table 3.000 x 1.200 mm

Machine can be viewed during operation

Price: 5.000.-€

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Spielvogel table with tilting forks HKT8 K

Immediately available

 year of construction 2018
Table size 3.500 x 1.800 mm
 load capacity 5t
 tilting forks 1.000 kg
table height 800 mm

Price 7.100.-€

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Arbes gang saw TH 140/12 

Immediately available

Year of construction 1973
working hours: 3.000
Block size: length 2.750 mm, height 1.500 mm 
stroke length 600 mm
hanging width 800 mm
10 – 12 sawingblades  3.400 mm
tractive power 10t

Price 15.500.-€

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Bridge saw Fickert+Winterling LBS 625, on steel supports

Available from end of 2023

Year of manufacture 2005
1.950 operating hours
Rail length 4,500 mm Bridge displacement 3,500 mm via handwheel
Cutting length 3.800 mm
Height adjustment 400 mm
stepless saw blade tilt by hand0-45°
Main motor 12 kW
Saw blade max. 625 mm. Cutting depth approx.210 mm
Manual turntable with tilting forks max load 1.2t
Single lifting rollers, load capacity 3t

Price: 19.800.-€

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Bridge Saw Bravo S 12.0

Available from 09.2024, can be shown during work

Year of construction 2002
Main motor 18,3 kW
Sawblades from 400 mm to 1.400 mm
Bridge adjustment 3.500 mm
Cutting length 3.500 mm
 Height adjustment 1.200 mm

Price 17.000.-€

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