Welcome to Fickert & Winterling! stone processing, glass processing, welding

Welcome to Fickert + Winterling!

If you are looking for stone processing machines or glass rolling machines such as: bridge saws, rotary head saws, block saws, contour wire saws, surface grinding machines with automatic tool change, edge grinding machines and radial arm grinding machines, or rolling machines for the production of solar glass, ornamental glass and wired glass & cullet glass, you are welcome

We have been developing machines and plants for glass and stone industry for more than100 years. They are glass and stone working systems, which advance progress in the industry and craft. Progress in handling, in quality and, finally, in efficiency. Machines and plants from Fickert + Winterling are custom-designed and created in close co-operation with their users.

Stone processing
  • Bridge saws, rotary head saws, block saws, contour wire saws
  • Surface grinding machines with automatic tool change
  • Edge grinding machines
  • Radial arm grinding machines
Glass processing
  • Rolling machines
  • Solar glass, patterned glass, Wire glass
  • Foam & Cullet glass production
Welding Technoloy
  • Steel construction
  • Machine construction
  • Plant construction