Grinding and Polishing Machine Typ ASP 160 W

Grinding and Polishing Machine Typ ASP 160 W

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The time factor becomes strategic when large surfaces are processed. Optimizing time utilization, this machine is an all-round talent for surface, edge and curve grinding and polishing in fully-automatic continous mode with no or minimum labour print. The ASP 160 W Grinding and Polishing Machine combines proven components with intelligent innovations, provided economic solutions for every user

Technology in detail

Extremely robust design with proven components

  • Wall and grinding carriage of vibration depressant grey cast iron
  • Galvanized wall bed with hardened guiding and guard plates in stainless steel
  • 650 mm height adjustment for different workpiece thicknesses and curve grinding
  • Grinding carriage with over-dimensioned bearings. Bearingtube made of cast iron
  • High working speeds for fast grinding and positioning
  • Teach-in sytem for free recognition of stone position and contour
  • Switching cabinet in stainless steel
  • 20 programmable grinding head positions for various types of heads (ASPX only)
  • Space-saving through lateral loading

Custom made Grinding Machines

  • For every size and task
  • ASP 160W with manual grinding segment change
  • ASP 160W-T with plate-change system
  • ASPX with automated grinding-head change system

Technical data

  • Wall bed 6.000 mm
  • Grinding support, displacement 1.400 mm
  • Displacement speed 0,2 – 6 m/min (to 15 m/min)
  • Height adjustment, arm 650 mm
  • Height adjustment grinding spindle 160 mm
  • Grinding pressure 0 – 6 bar
  • Grinding motor 7,5 kW
  • Rotational Speed 360 min-1
  • Usefull grinding area with quad grinding head 5.100 x 1.600 mm

Optional features

  • Wall bed extension up to 24 m
  • Automated grinding plate change system (grinding head type S2h only)
  • Automated grinding head change system (ASPX only)
  • KSP grinding equipment for curved workpieces and small pedestals
  • Steel supports, galvanized
  • Turning a
  • nd clamping device DSG-1 (manual) or DSG-5 (motorized)
  • End stop for calibration
  • Stone washing programme after grinding (standard on ASPX)
  • Point laser for recognition of stone position (without water jet)
  • Automatic intermittent lubrication

Features and Functions

Fickert + Winterling develops their software using in house resources

  • Easily operated, machine-mounted panel
  • Stone contour recognition by teach-in-system and water jet
  • 5 individually programmable grinding patterns
  • Memory for 20 workpieces
  • Memory for 20 grinding programmes
  • Project priorisation for ready response to extra or urgent orders
  • Water flow rate control according to grinding grits / head
  • Grinding pressure control according to grinding grits / head
  • Individual intervention in grinding programmes and operations
  • All operational messages in clear text

Download PDF ASP160W


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