Radial-arm grinding and polishing machine GLA-F

The universal machine for gravestones and worktops in kitchens and counters

Sawing, milling, grinding, polishing and drilling on surfaces and lateral sides - enormous flexibility that saves space and cost. This machine impresses with its high operating comfort, extremely high performance and reliability. Features developed over many years will impress you, as well.

Basic equipment
Sturdy, vibration-free column from cast iron with bellows
hydraulic locking of arm joints
pneumatic pressure cylinder for radial arm
pneumatic polishing pressure with separate adjustable pressure and counter pressure
end stop for accurate grinding spindle positioning
speed of grinding spindle adjustable from 200 - 2,500 rpm with high torque for laregr grinding heads
hardenend and ground spline grinding shaft
adjustable handle grip


side-grinding unit
high-speed spindle up to 9,000 rpm
individual working tables

Tombstone Processing

Kitchen Tops Processing