Grinding and polishing machine ASP 206

Schleif- und Polierautomat ASP 206, Fickert + Winterling GmbH

Even better utilization of time factor.

24 hours continuous operation at low labour cost.
Less ground space required due to lateral placing and fixing.
Precision in the production process.
A machine which takes over your task.

Overview of technical features:

wall and grinding support made of grey cast iron, vibration-free, for the highest grinding quality.
Grinding speeds up to 15 m/min, high performance.
Stone position and contour detection by a teach-in system - for any stone shape.
18 programmable grinding wheelhead stations for different designs (ASPX only) ensure efficient working on surfaces and curves.
20 storable workpieces, optionally 40 workpieces.
Workpiece priority. Rush jobst and additional orders can be easily integrated.
Grinding spindle sleeve with adjustable depth stop.
Motor-driven stroke 700 mm, pneumatic stroke 160 mm, for workpiece machining from 20 to 500 mm, as well as contour machining.
Display for programme selection (5 grinding programmes, 10 material-related programmes, grinding pressure, positioning, teach-in, priorities).

Grinding and polishing machine ASP 206

Assing your responsibility to the machine. It will deliver you the best results, according to the set programme. 24 hours a day.

Precise stone milling.
Flexible production process.
Safe operation.
Low labour cost.