Edge Grinding Machine KSA 722

Precision stone-working has become still more sfficient

For granit from 2 to 6 cm and marble from 2 to 8 cm. 

An investment in this time -efficient, labour-saving, material-friendly and wear resistant type of machine will pay off after a short while already. This stone-working machine is the perfect example for:
Time savings achieved by maximum speed for idle travels. Avoids unnecessary waiting time. Double water supply both from outside as well as centrally through the working shaft, this means a uniform grinding result and more shine. Ultimate precision pressure control between 0 - 5 bar will extend the life of diamond tools and keep follow-up cost down.

Additional convincing features:
Milling carriage suitable for calibration and profile cutting. Preselection of feed travel for granite working will reduce wear. Automatic adjustment prevents machine overload and guarantees high shape accuracy of the tool. Chamfer carriages with preset height for optimum machining quality. Water groove carriage for continuous or programme controlled hidden grooves.

The tecnology at a glance
Heavy-weight, low vibration, self-supporting base frame, galvanized. Size of table 3.300 x 750 mm, galvanized, covered with nepped rubber mat. For separate operation: Integrated, lifting allside roller bars. Pneumatically swivelled stop bar. Clamping bridge with 6 longitudinally movable compressed air cylinders (optionally: 9 compressed air cylinders). Automatic recognition of length of stone, without contact during the grinding process.