Diamond contour wire saw DKSS

A small saw for great tasks: our contour wire saw DKSS. It stands out on account of its versatility and minimum ground-space requirements at the same time. Due to its height of only 2.20 m and width of only 3.20 m, it does not need large production halls. You can install this machine everywhere where many various tasks should be performed rationally and economically. Craftsmen working with natural stone highly appreciate this machine for its robustness and optimal user-friendliness. The latter is ensured due to the machine’s PC-based controlling system. The key parameters can be intuitively entered on a colour touch screen.

Technical data

Saw wheel diameter
Diamond wire diameter
850 mm (dw = 830 mm)
8 to 10 mm
Wire tension: 2.000 - 3.500 N
driving motor: 5,5 kW
cutting speed: 35 m/s
workpiece dimensions: diagonal max 1.850 mm
workpiece height: max. 270 mm
Turntable diameter: 250 mm
Driving motor table: 0,37 kW
form feed: 10 - 50 mm/min
fast movement: 6.000 mm/min
Electrical connection 10 kW/400 V
compressed air: 6 bar
water connection: 3 bar
Table (B x L): 750 x 800 mm
Holding force: 1.700 N (at 6 bar)
stroke: 200 mm