Bridge saws from Fickert+Winterling - progressive and powerful

Each enterprise is interested in maximum possible efficiency. Fickert+Winterling offers ideal solutions for that. Our machine of type PFE breaks the benchmark for robustness and precision. As a result, you have low production costs at very long lifecycle.

Remarkable cutting precision due to slide bearing circular guides with a rise/fall rest and cross carriage made of vibration-free grey cast iron

Maximum cutting stability and noise reduction at the same time Subsequent cost for finishing work (e.g. grinding) are minimized

A control panel and a portable radio control unit make the machine especially user-friendly. That means quick and optimal positioning of the saw blade.

Automatic system for periodical central lubrication is individually clocked. In this way, production breaks needed for maintenance are minimized.
Enormous versatility due to demand-oriented design, from manual operation to CNC control. For saw blades from 400 to 1600 mm.

Custom-made bridge saws: We produce machines tailored to your requirements. Easy to operate. Safe in use. Depending on the job specification, you can choose one of three basic types.
Bridge saw with manual or motor-driven saw blade slweing from 0º to 90º. For mitre cuts in full section. Due to CNC control, bridge and support motions can be co-ordinated. So you can perform layered cuts within the range of 0º - 90º.
Bridge saw with manual saw blade slewing from 0º to 45º. For mitre cuts in full section. So you can easily perform e. g. mitre saws of slab thicknesses in the construction industry.

Bridge saw with support slewing from 0º to 45º. For mitre cuts in layered cutting. Predestined for versatile use in construction industry and monument building, e.g. for working up to slice thickness.

Bridge saw PFE 160 - maximum sawing performance and cutting precision.

Slices and especially small rough blocks belong to the application range of our movable heavy-duty bridge saw PFE 160. Grey cast iron and wear-resistant slide bearing circular guides in the rise/fall rest and cross carriage ensure especially vibration-free working, maximum cutting performance and the highest cutting precision.

Bridge saw for soft stone