Block saws from Fickert+Winterling - new standards for robustness and precision

Block saws BS and TF - economic sawing of rough blocks.

The movable block saws BS and TF are designed for economical sawig of rough blocks.
Grey cast iron and bearing circular guides used in the rise/fall rest and cross carriage ensure especially vibration-free working, maximum cutting performance and the highest cutting precision.

The intelligent control with block and block length automatic unit
not only saves time but also ensures high production output. In its standard version,
the machine is provided with comprehensive safety functions for unmanned operation.

Due to its years of experience, Fickert + Winterling is in a position to offer block saws in various
physical sizes, with saw blade diameters from 2.0 m to 3.5 m.
Depending on the customer’s requirements, the machines can be offered
in different designs and sizes.