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If you are searching for second-hand machines at favourable prices, we will find suitable offers for your company. Offers for various systems for stone and glass work industry - of course, of a certified quality and at good prices. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will inform you on used machines we have currently available.

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Bridge Saw Zamboni S 173

Year of construction 1991
saw blade ∅ 800 mm
swivel support 0-90 °
saw motor approx. 18 KW
height adjustment table: 500 mm
cutting length 3,500 mm
table 3,500 x 1,750 mm

available from mid-October 2021 the saw is still in daily use and can be inspected


Available from October 2021

price 7.500.-€

Fickert edge grinding machine MGK

Fickert edge grinding machine MGK
built in 2003, approx. 12,000 operating hours
For marble 20-80 mm and granite 20-60 mm
Rail length: 10,500 mm
Bridge adjustment: 7,400 mm
Total grinding length 3,300 mm
5 side grinding supports, 2 kW, 960 rpm, for slip rings 150 mm ∅
3 upper bevels, 1.35 kW, for slip rings 130 mm ∅, pneumatic clamping
3 lower bevels, 1.35 kW, for slip rings 130 mm ∅, pneumatic clamping
2 planetary grinding supports PKS4 for express rings 4 kW 1,460 rpm
1 water groove support 2.2 kW, 2,900 rpm for tools ∅ 100 mm
Feed grinding carriage with GS gear motor with pinion and rack,
infinitely adjustable workpiece support table 3,300 x 700 mm
continuous stop bar 3,000 mm long,
pneumatically pivotable All-round rollers in the entire table area,
clamping bridge with 9 compressed air cylinders
Available from May 2022

price 14.000.-€

Löffler edge grinding machine KSL 80/8/4

Löffler edge grinding machine KSL 80/8/4
built in 1997 , 5902 working hours
Rail length: 10,700 mm
Total grinding length approx  3,300 mm
8 side grinding supports, for slip rings 150 mm ∅
2 upper bevels, for slip rings 130 mm ∅
2 lower bevels, for slip rings 130 mm ∅
1 saw support for strengthening
1 profile milling and saw support, approx. 4 kW, swiveling 0 ° - 90 °
for fully automatic pre-milling of profiles in 2 work steps
Teach-in control for profile milling and saw support
with programmable immersion / removal of the saw blade
Roller strips with polydirectional rollers in the work table,
can be raised / lowered pneumatically
table extension consoles
Immediately available, still running and can be viewed in operation


price 15.900.-€



Steinadler Cross cut Saw

Steinadler cross-cut saw

Year of construction: 1999
saw blade Ø 400 mm
own tub for the water  for cooling the saw blade
roller conveyor about 4,500 mm
The machine can be inspected in operation

Available immediately

Price: 2,400.- €



Graupner Bridge saw

2 x Graupner Bridge Saw year of construction: 1972

with manual rotating head

main motor 7.5 kW

saw blade ∅ 600 mm

cutting length 3,200 mm

The machine is still in operation and can be inspected

immediately available,

a second saw of the same type is included in the price as a spare parts store



Price: 4.900.- € for both machines



Automatic grinding and polishing machine ASP-206c

Automatic grinding and polishing machine ASP-206c

Jear of construction 2017, 1.600 working hours

with automatic grinding head change
grinding width 4.000 mm
Rail length 17.000 mm
Bridge displacement 15.650 mm, covered with bellows
grinding length 13.500 mm, two areas, 4.500mm and 9.000 mm long
main motor 18.5 kW
pneumatically stroke of the grinding quill 250 mm
double row magazine for 8 grinding heads


Included in the scope of delivery:
7 x granite grinding heads 410 mm ∅


price 80.000.-€

Comandulli edge grinding machine with planet head

Edge grinding machine

year of construction 1981, still working, can be shown during work

available at once

planet head with 4 planets, made by Thibaut

stationary grinding table 3.300mm x 630mm,

the midle part can be extincted to 1750 mm

drive of the grinding support 3.800 mm

2019 electrically and mechanically refurbished


price 3.000.-€