Glass tearing machine GTM

GCL is a glass tearing machine with online automatics for production of cast, patterned and solar glass panels.

The inhouse development of the GCL glass tearing line for the cold-end is a logical extension of Fickert + Winterling’s product range of machines for cast, patterned and solar glass manufacturing.

The GCL device takes the ready-annealed glass from the annealing lehr and does not depend on the kind of flat glass production process. The GCL device is offered for all common standard widths, thicknesses and plant manufacturing heights.

The GCL device consists of the following units:

synchonization of the actual production speed; cross-cutting unit; longitudinal cutter; edge-cutting unit; sheet breaking unit, longitudinal and transversal: glass breaker; blowing-off and dedusting units; manual delivery tables.

Depending on the customer’s demands, the GCL device can be coupled with automatic discharging, stacking, coating and surface-finishing systems.

We ensure precise adaptation of individual units and their incorporation into existing plants, as well as sorting and discharge of poor glass.