Glass rolling machine

100 years experience in design and production of glass working machines

For more than 100 years we have been designing glass machines for cast glass, rolled glass, solar glass, patterned glass, as well as wired and flat glass manufacturing. Each machine is tailored to the customer’s demands, to enable the customer to meet continuously growing requirements on quality and output rates.

Our gross bandwidths range from 300 mm to 3400 mm. Depending on the melting rate of the glass production line, our machines can achieve glass production capacities from 30 to 250 t a day. Having produced more than 200 plants (more than 100 of them - in the last 10 years), we can resort to consolidated knowhow. Therefore, we feel up to any challenge. Being a family-owned enterprise, we are able to make quick decisions and promptly respond to customer requirements. Our goal is to enter and to maintain long-term relationships with customers. From today’s point of view, we have probably delivered the majority of all solar glass production lines that are now running worldwide.

We would be glad to assist you in your projects. Both in production and in research.