Flat glass drawing machine

Flat glass drawing machine

Sheet glass / flat glass drawing

Actually, the flat glass manufacturing technology is obsolete and almost completely superseded by the floating technology. However, Fickert+Winterling still possesses know-how for manufacturing glass-drawing machines of 1200 to 2800mm widths and suitable for Foucault and Pittsburgh technologies.

We will help you - whether you need a new machine or parts for repair.

Foamed glass manufacturing

Foamed glass is obtained from valuable residual/recycling glass and raw materials. Using this technology allows heating energy saving and reduction of the impact on the environment.

For homogenous and reproductable manufacturing of foam glass, you need raw material of maximum possible quality. For this purpose, Fickert+Winterling offers a rolling/frit machine ideally suitable for manufacturing glass granules as semifinished material.

The output rates of these machines range from 20t and 250t granules (as semifinished product) a day.

If you are interested in a complete production line, Fickert+Winterling will help you in finding suitable partners and integrating their production know-how.

Other products and services

- Wire glass-tearing machine GTM

- Spare parts for all new and old machines upon request

- Heating devices for edge and lip blocks, for durable production and quicker change of rollers.

- Production advising

- Error analysis