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Grinding wheelhead S2/h

He who works with stone should be a survivor -

not only we, at Fickert, have been convinced of that over decades, but also our customers. That is proved by the fact that our universal grinding head S2/h become one of the top-selling grinding wheelheads for stone milling worldwide. Today more than 6,000 such grinding wheelheads are in use - day by day, week by week, year by year...

The S2/h grinding wheelhead is the right answer to all questions about natural stone - whether granite or marble, gravestones or kitchen worktops, convex or concave curves. Any kind of grinding can be carried out with a S2/h - precisely and economically. The comprehensive choice of accessories and tools and short resetting times also enable you to manage complicated tasks within short production times. We do not only make promises - we also keep them. For each machine.

Decision for S2/h is finally a decision for more creativity. So S2/h adapts itself to the investment decisions which our customer made hitherto. Tell us the manufacturer’s name and the type of your hinged-arm- or plane-surface grinding machine. We will deliver you a high-quality cutomized grinding wheelhead for it. It will suit from the first day of use. For motor outputs from 3 KW - good for your energy saving. You can always rely upon our grinding wheelheads going along with you in the future - whatever plans you have. After all, our service begins right at the date of delivery.