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On this page we want to introduce trade fairs, informative from our house or the latest developments in the field of glass production and in glass and stone processing. If you are looking for detailed information on the various topics  , then please contact us.


Machine park upgraded

After over 30 years, the old radial arm grinding machine from Petasch company was replaced by a new GLA-F. With the extensive possibilities offered by this type of machine, the imaginative creations of the tombs can now be made.

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East Frisian tumbstones individual manufactured

The over 30 year old saw from the company Kursiss in East Frisia was replaced by a modern saw TYPE PFE-80 CNC. This means that tombs in all shapes and variations can now be made in the family business. Even curved surfaces are no longer a problem

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Power pack for massive works

At the Engels company in Plaidt, a PFE 160 bridge saw with a 1,600 mm saw blade is now strengthening the production team. The robust machine is ideal for solid work. The cutting depth is 650 mm.

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effective skirting board production

Schulte Company in Anröchte has recently started using a new SOK skirting board saw. With the adjustable saw blades on the common saw shaft, it is possible to cut several strips from the tranche in one pass

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powerfull start in 2020

The Kelheimer Natursteinwerke start with full power in 2020

the new bridge saw Type PFE-80a1 with swivwlling head and turntable with tilting forks fulfils long-cherished wishes.

The 28.5 KW motor provides sufficient driving force so that the massive workpieces can be quickly and easily brought into the desired shapes

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new model put into operation

After 30 years of loyal service, the aging surface grinding machine ASP 160 W has been replaced by the newest model.
Now, pedestals and tombs can again be provided with the desired surfaces.
The segment change is done by hand and takes only a short time with a trained operator.
The control makes it possible to create the machining cycles for different workpieces and rock types individually and save them for future machining

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large saw for large blocks

Large saw blade for big jobs The Zankl company has put a new block saw type Mammut into operation. With the saw blade of 3,500mm diameter, they can cut up to 1,500 mm high blocks

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new times have dawned

new power in Aichach, new times have dawned. For machining surfaces, now uses a GLA-2s radial arm grinding and polishing machine. The grinding of old tombs can now be done much faster

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Machinery modernized

The Speer company from Coburg has modernized its machinery. The new GLA-F radial arm grinding and polishing machine makes it easier to process tombstones. With the working table with included lifting cylinder, even heavy stones can easily be turned. For milling work, a high-speed spindle with up to 10,000 rpm is used

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The new factory is ready

The  Federl company in Regensburg has almost completed the move to the new premises in Obertraubling. The new machines are installed ready for use.Two type PFE bridge saws are used, one with 800 mm blade and swing, the other with 1,600 mm blade for solid work. The surface treatment is done by an ASP 206 grinding machine, for individual designs a GLA-F is used.

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